MODS refer to application modules that exist in the DAP. MODS are customized tools that focus on a variety of security industry needs and provide flexible solutions to the user. MODS allow executives, developers, project managers, and clients to instantly view the security data that applies to them. The head of your organization can view an overall summary using our QUICK REPORT mod, while a project manager maybe more interested in how many critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in the past 6 months using the IMPROVEMENT TRACKING mod. A developer may need to check how many open vulnerabilities exist by optimizing the REMEDiATION TRACKING mod. Even your IT team may want to access the SECURITY ROADMAP mod to make sure that upcoming security assessments will not interfere with daily routines. We are always releasing new MODS in order to give DAP users even more valuable insight into the results of their security testing. MODS are the DAP’s way of intelligently presenting the analysts reports and data in a clean, consistent and organized format that everybody can understand.


Quick Report

This MOD is a scorecard that provides a bird’s eye view of your organization’s current security status. It is perfect for executives and project managers who seek regular updates of departmental reviews.


Security Roadmap

This MOD provides a timeline of the annual assessment schedule for your organization. It allows you to conduct a Gap Analysis between your organization’s existing security policy and the actual testing performed.


Vulnerability Analytics

This MOD graphs and organizes findings by criticality and vulnerability type. Analytics are essential for discovering which areas the majority of your security issues exist and the severity of those issues.


Remediation Tracking

This MOD lists the current progress and status of all existing security vulnerabilities. It allows you to manage and track all open vulnerabilities throughout the entire remediation process.


Improvement Tracking

This MOD graphs issues that are discovered over time. It provides powerful analytics that track how many vulnerabilities are discovered monthly and allows the user to dive deeper into the details of each vulnerability.


Efficiency Tracking

This MOD tracks the efficiency of your security testing. It graphs the average number of findings per assessment and creates a baseline of the average number of vulnerabilities dissevered throughout the entire testing process. Efficiency Tracking allows you to dive more deeply into specific assessment details.


Multimedia Center

This MOD stores and presents all related security multimedia files, from quarterly video presentations to internal best practices tutorials. With Multimedia Center, you can keep your audio and video files organized and where they need to be: with everything else. You can even allow outside production teams to post content without needing to access any security data.


Report Generator

This MOD stores and organizes all assessment reports for quick access. With Report Generator, you can view, save, and print any report in the system and easily retrieve detailed accounts of assets, assessments, and vulnerabilities.